Ready, Set, Grow VPK!

Our VPK program is one hour longer than the standard free VPK class this allows us the proper time to explore subjects and work with the children closely. We use a blended curriculum for our VPK classes 

which includes the state provided material and our advanced kindergarten curriculum. We use our curriculum to expand vocabulary, complex phrases and sentences allowing children to express their ideas. 



Educationally based activities in our eight developmentally appropriate learning centers that will prepare your child to excel in Kindergarten. View our Curriculum

We offer a very comprehensive reading program we find that most children need more help reading. Daily opportunities to learn alphabet and letter sounds, numbers, quantities, simple math, early literacy and writing skills that will challenge your child.
Computers, loaded with educational software. A curriculum which is designed and implemented to meet and exceed the  Early Childhood Education Standards. We provide family’s with written daily communications for each preschooler and twice yearly in-depth progress reports and parent-teacher conferences.

The Center of a Balanced Childhood

Coral Springs Preschool uses the nationally recognized The Creative Curriculum. Based on research of child development over the past 75 years, it shows that all children benefit from developmentally appropriate practices.

Main developmental areas addressed each week in our curriculum are:

Social/Emotional Development - connecting with others motivates a child to learn and provides them with a sense of who they are in the world. Cognitive Development - involves the way children think and develop. -  Language Development - includes understanding and communication through words both spoken and written. Physical Development - a child’s gradual control over their large and small muscles. Children, ages 1 to 5, learn to work cooperatively in small groups to reach developmental milestones and school readiness through exploring and experimenting in our eight learning centers.
Creative Arts - teaches texture, color, design, motor control and promotes creative expression. Library and Language - experiences which enhance vocabulary, listening and writing skills and early reading. Math and Manipulatives - introduces problem solving, patterning, number concepts, order and fine muscle coordination.
Sensory Wet and Dry - encourages children to explore a variety of substances using their senses and enhancing math and science experiences.

Block Building - promotes learning of shapes, dimension, size, balance, construction and encourages cooperative play and creativity. Music and Movement - offers creative experiences, teaches melody and develops large motor skills.
Science and Discovery - it’s all about the world around us. Opportunities are provided that will spark a child’s curiosity and wonder.