Our early childhood programs begin by nurturing infants during their first year of rapid growth and development. We continue our development through providing stimulating, and innovative experiences that challenge preschool and school age children. Coral spring Preschool has set the standard for excellence in all of our educational programs.

Infants (6 WEEKS - 12 MONTHS)

Nurturing Your Infants

The first year of life is critical and each infant is a unique individual with distinctive needs. We utilizes The Creative Curriculum to support infants and provide: Because infants have an immature immune system our infants are in their own section of the school which has its own AC system apart from the main campus reducing the unnecessary risk of exposure to adult germs.

Individual care with daily written and verbal communication. Development of a trusting relationship with responsiveness to individual needs. Staff who possess a loving and attentive nature.
Each infant’s health, happiness and well being as our primary responsibility. Caregivers are educated to provide for every stage of your infant’s development through encouraging language acquisition, social interaction and physical growth.

We provides family’s with a detailed written daily report for each infant and twice yearly in-depth, written progress reports and parent-teacher conferences.