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Kindergarten at Coral Springs Preschool.

Kindergarten is a big step for most children as the exposure to new material can come at a fast pace. At Coral Springs Preschool we offer a different type of kindergarten experience. It starts with our smaller class sizes. Public schools on average have 20-30 students in each classroom with one teacher. With our maximum class size being 12 students, this allows our teachers to spend more one on one time with each child. Having smaller class sizes helps reduce a lot of the day to day distractions as well.

Each of our teachers teach from a curriculum that is based on the latest combined kindergarten and first grade material. Our classrooms are equipped with the latest in new technology, including tablets and smart boards.  We teach with a heavy emphasis on reading and listening comprehension. When children are struggling with reading or understanding the material being taught, they can lose ground quickly leaving it difficult for them move forward.

Evaluations are performed every six to seven weeks to help identify any areas of concern. With the ability to spend more time with each child individually we can work and focus on those areas.The program comes at an affordable rate.  Limited scholarships are available. Contact us today for pricing and or scholarship information. Were enrolling now for the 2019 fall class.