Coral Springs Preschool is pleased to announce that we are implementing a new and improved way to assess your children. The growth and development of your child is crucial, while being part of an early learning environment. This process will help ensure that your child is constantly stimulated and challenged through-out their preschool experience

Every quarter your child will be assessed through ESGI which stands for Educational software for Guiding Instruction. This online system manages the thousands of bits of data involved with tracking the mastery of letters and number recognition, sounds, sight words, number sense, and concepts, as well as so much more. This online system will allow us to track your child's progression as well as send home educational information that may help benefit your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are so excited to share what's to come with ESGI and your child's development. Thank you again for choosing us as your child's educational provider to learn and grow.